Legislature honors the late Sen. Tom Casperson

Legislature honors the late Sen. Tom Casperson

LANSING, Mich. — The Legislature on Thursday adopted a concurrent resolution memorializing former Sen. Tom Casperson, who died from cancer last November.

“Tom Casperson was my mentor, friend and a brother in Christ,” said Sen. Ed McBroom, R-Waucedah Township, who succeeded Casperson representing the 38th Senate District. “We shared a passion for the Upper Peninsula, for Michigan, and for the country. We both believed in the people of the U.P. and their desire to work against an intrusive government, and even worse, any mindset that views the U.P. and its people as subservient to the whims and pleasures of people who live in other places. And we loved the Green Bay Packers.”

Senate Concurrent Resolution 15 states, in part:

“It was with great sadness that the members of the Michigan Legislature learned of the passing of Tom Casperson. A steadfast public servant, he worked tirelessly during his legislative tenure for the residents of the Upper Peninsula and all Michiganders.

“Casperson served for 14 years in the Legislature, relying on his experience in business and forestry, his faith and passion for the interests of the Upper Peninsula, and his willingness to work with all interested parties to address the problems facing our state.

“His ability to listen and courteously discuss contested issues provided him with an avenue to champion matters important to his constituents. He worked hard to find common ground and consensus on contentious issues, such as mining and land management, that allowed economic development in northern Michigan while also protecting the natural resources that make the Upper Peninsula a special place.

“He loved helping people. He was willing to listen and forge relationships and give the time to mentor the next generation of leaders, and he was humble and passionate in these efforts. His devotion to the people of Michigan and his passion to provide a voice for the Upper Peninsula will not soon be forgotten.

“Therefore, be it resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), that we offer this expression of our highest tribute to honor the memory of Tom Casperson, a member of the Michigan House of Representatives from 2003 to 2008 and the Michigan Senate from 2011 to 2018.”

“I miss him,” McBroom said. “I miss our fellowship, how we sharpened each other and made each other better men and better legislators.”


Members of former Sen. Tom Casperson’s family stand as they are recognized by the state Senate on Thursday, April 29.
Sen. Ed McBroom delivers remarks in memory and honor of former Sen. Tom Casperson on Thursday, April 29.
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