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Firearms Laws in Michigan

In addition to state statutes concerning firearms, this publication includes selected Michigan Attorney General Opinions that interpret various firearms laws. Also included is a listing of selected state administrative rules that regulate the use of firearms.
Posted April 28th 2024

Getting to Know Michigan: A Coloring Book

For younger Michiganians in grades 2 to 4. An informative coloring book for kids, it gives interesting tidbits about Michigan’s history, colorful folklore, and state symbols.
Posted February 19th 2024

Veterans Benefits & Services – For Michigan Veterans Who Served in the Military

For Michigan veterans and their survivors and dependents. This booklet provides information about obtaining veterans benefits and services available through federal, state, and local agencies. Topics range from acquiring a home mortgage, education, employment and insurance to medical treatment and death benefits. Listings include U.S.D.V.A. medical facilities in Michigan and veterans service organizations.
Posted October 17th 2023

Ask Yourself. A Domestic & Sexual Violence Prevention & Resource Guide

This publication contains information and prevention resources for any individual affected by domestic and sexual violence. Specific topics covered include myths and warning signs of domestic violence and teen dating violence, information regarding date rape drugs and sexual assault prevention, facts on stalking and cyberstalking, abuse reporting procedures, a parent or guardian?s section, suggestions for helping a friend in an abusive situation and what to consider when it?s time to leave an abusive relationship. Throughout this publication, many national, state and local crisis hotlines, professional domestic violence organizations and shelter information have been compiled for your quick reference.
Posted October 7th 2023

Citizen’s Guide to State Government

The intent of this Citizen’s Guide is to provide the public with some of the specific information that is necessary to influence public policy. This guide contains an overview of state government, contact information for state departments and state and federal lawmakers, information about how the lawmaking process works in Michigan, and guidance about how to ensure your message reaches policymakers in the most constructive way.
Posted August 30th 2023

For the People… By the People… How State and Local Governments Operate

For the People… By the People… How State and Local Governments Operate For all citizens. To help citizens understand the organization of state and local government, this booklet gives brief descriptions of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of state government, and describes the functions of county, city, township, and village entities of local government. Additional information is provided about local financing and taxation issues.
Posted August 18th 2023

Crime Victim’s Rights

For crime victims and adults who wish to prevent crime. In this booklet, you will find Michigan’s William Van Regenmorter Crime Victim’s Rights Act, a hierarchy of Michigan’s court system, and basic information about criminal proceedings. You will also learn how to file an application for crime victim compensation and how to join a victim notification network. For your convenience, a compilation of victim advocates and assistance organizations is listed in the back of this booklet.
Posted May 1st 2023

Portraits of Michigan: History and Facts on Michigan

For teachers and junior/senior high students. Portraits of Michigan offers a fun way for you to learn about the state in which you live. With this booklet, we hope you enjoy reading about and gain pride in your home state and that you will love Michigan a little more.
Posted April 20th 2023

Legislative Process in Michigan: A Student’s Guide

For high school students and interested citizens. How do people legislate laws to govern themselves? How does an idea become a bill? What happens in the legislative process? In addition to lawmaking, what other responsibilities does the Legislature have? Answers to these and other questions are presented in this informative publication.
Posted April 16th 2023

Movin’ On (Guide for graduating high school students)

For young adults. This handbook contains information for young adults graduating from high school. It discusses important topics such as establishing credit, seeking a higher education, voting, renting, and job search and career planning.
Posted April 8th 2023

Consumer Protection Resource Guide: Be A Knowledgeable Consumer

Of general interest to all consumers. Everything you need to know about consumer rights and Michigan law: how to protect yourself from consumer fraud and how to take legal action.
Posted March 23rd 2023

Michigan Constitution

Michigan’s Constitution and all amendments.
Posted February 10th 2023

Michigan Taxpayer’s Guide

This booklet contains information for your 2023 Michigan property taxes and 2022 individual income taxes, homestead property tax credits, farmland and open space tax relief, and the home heating credit program.
Posted January 16th 2023

United States Constitution

This booklet contains the text of the Constitution of the United States with all amendments, as well as the Declaration of Independence.
Posted January 2nd 2023

Michigan State Capitol

Today Michigan’s Capitol is nationally recognized for its extraordinary architecture and art. It stands as Michigan?s most important historic building and a proud symbol of the state.
Posted January 2nd 2023

Services for Seniors

For seniors and their families. To enhance senior living, this booklet describes state programs and services related to tax credits and additional taxation issues, Medicare and Medicaid, nursing homes and other long-term care options, consumer protection, housing, transportation, employment, and senior discount programs.
Posted October 19th 2022

Recycling Coloring and Activity Book

For elementary-age children. Learn how to keep Michigan beautiful with the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle.
Posted October 12th 2022

Veterans Update

This report, Honoring All Who Served, provides legislative news and updates for veterans and their families, along with important contact information to better access benefits and services. I hope you find it useful.
Posted August 10th 2022

Senator Ed McBroom’s “2022 Back to School Update”

I believe that every Michigan student should have access to a world-class education. That means students should have options whether they are pursuing a path to college or career in a skilled trade. Families must be empowered to make the best decision for their kids’ needs and circumstances.
Posted August 10th 2022

Senator Ed McBroom’s “2022 Hunting Update”

Hunting is important to Michigan for many reasons. Not only is hunting a vital part of our heritage, but it is also critical to wildlife management and the conservation of our abundant natural resources. Hunting also provides a major boost to the state’s economy and helps to support many of our local businesses and small communities. I hope you find this hunting report useful as you plan this year’s trip. It includes important season dates, fees, and program information to help make the most of the 2022 hunting season.
Posted August 8th 2022

Your Child – A Guide to Your Child’s Health and Safety

This publication is a resource guide to your child?s health and safety. Topics include suggestions for choosing a child care provider, common developmental milestones from birth to age 5 years, and information on SIDS, SUID and shaken baby syndrome. Basic tips for home safety and emergency preparedness are also discussed as well as a section that promotes healthy living and good nutrition habits for the entire family. I have also included information on child abuse and neglect prevention and excerpts from the Michigan Child Protection Law, as currently amended.
Posted July 25th 2022

A Grateful Nation Remembers

On Memorial Day, our nation honors our fallen heroes. Because of their selfless service and sacrifice, we live in a nation that is a shining beacon of hope across the world. We know that this great nation will always rise to whatever is necessary to help preserve liberty. Doing so is simply a part of our heritage, our culture and our collective American consciousness. I would like to give a heartfelt “thank you” to all veterans who have served admirably. I greatly appreciate everything our veterans have done for us.
Posted May 17th 2022

Senator Ed McBroom’s “2022 Senior Update”

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our seniors is one of my top priorities. I am pleased to send along this report with helpful health, consumer and travel information.
Posted May 17th 2022

Peace of Mind (Statutory will/patient advocate law/organ donation info)

For mature adults. This booklet provides information about making a will and designating medical care preference in case of incapacity. This booklet contains forms for organ donation, the Michigan Statutory Will, and the Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, as well as a personal records form to allow family to locate important legal and personal documents.
Posted May 2nd 2022

Senator Ed McBrooms’ Boating and Fishing Update

Boating and fishing are not only great ways to relax and spend time with family and friends, they also contribute billions of dollars to the state economy. By spending your vacation dollars in Michigan, you help support many small businesses and local communities. I am pleased to send you this update, including legislative news, license information and more. As always, I welcome your ideas on ways to preserve Michigan’s aquatic heritage.
Posted April 19th 2022

Senator Ed McBroom’s 2022 Agriculture Update

Agriculture is part of our culture, our heritage, and our way of life. Michigan is home to more than 6,000 Centennial and Sesquicentennial Farms. Rural and farming communities make up the majority of our cities and townships, and farming is a way of enjoyed by Michiganders of all ages.
Posted March 29th 2022

Senator Ed McBroom’s “How to Effectively Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment”

If you believe your assessment is in error, you may appeal to your local Board of Review and, if necessary, the Michigan Tax Tribunal. No attorney is necessary. This guide, along with your willingness to explore all the possibilities, may help you obtain a favorable adjustment.
Posted February 9th 2022

Senator Ed McBroom’s 2021/2 Winter Guide

Winter is a great time to bundle up and escape to Michigan’s great outdoors! Michigan winters, particularly in the Upper Peninsula, offer a wide array of winter activities, from skiing and snowboarding to ice fishing and snowmobiling. This might be the year you try fat tire biking or dog sledding! Whatever your preference, there are endless outdoor recreation opportunities.
Posted November 24th 2021

Tenants and Landlords: A Practical Guide

For tenants and landlords. This booklet provides a basic explanation of what happens when a rental agreement is made and serves as a helpful and informative reference tool concerning the rights and responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord.
Posted October 18th 2021

Friend of the Court: Support, Custody, and Visitation for Michigan Children

For divorced parents and others interested in child welfare. The Friend of the Court oversees the welfare of children whose support, custody, and parenting time are the subject of court order because the parents are separated or divorced or they never married. This handbook describes the procedures available for all FOC offices to enforce the court’s orders to ensure protection of children’s rights to economic and emotional support.
Posted October 10th 2021

Senator Ed McBroom’s “How to Effectively Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment”

If you believe your assessment is in error, you may appeal to your local Board of Review and, if necessary, the Michigan Tax Tribunal. No attorney is necessary. This guide, along with your willingness to explore all the possibilities, may help you obtain a favorable adjustment.
Posted January 15th 2021

Statewide Ballot Proposals

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, you will be able to play an important role in establishing Michigan public policy. Along with the opportunity to select candidates for public office, two statewide ballot proposals will be presented for your consideration. To help familiarize you with the proposals, this mailer contains the actual language that will appear on the ballot, although it may be presented in a different format. There may be other local or regional ballot questions as well, depending on where you live. Please do not hesitate to contact my office if I can be of further service to you.
Posted September 30th 2020

Senator Ed McBroom’s “Michigan Auto Insurance Update”

Last year, Senate Republicans made reforming our insurance laws our top priority and passed Senate Bill 1 with bipartisan support. When the bill takes effect on July 1, 2020, you will finally be able to choose the coverage that best fits your needs and budget. This brochure will help answer questions you may have about the changes coming to our auto insurance system. Before making a final decision, you should consult with an auto insurance agent, insurance company or financial advisor.
Posted June 18th 2020

Child Safety Coloring Book

For parents and early elementary-age children. The message of this coloring book is . . . Be smart and be safe . . . On your bicycle, in your home, and in public. This booklet makes a proactive effort to help children to be aware of potentially harmful situations and to avoid them.
Posted September 26th 2019

Senator Ed McBroom’s “2019 Family Update”

In today’s challenging world, the strength and support of our families are more important than ever. Strong families are not only the backbone of our neighborhoods and communities, they are the hope for our future. I am pleased to update you on several pro-family issues that may be of interest.
Posted July 23rd 2019

Senator Ed McBroom’s 2019 Boating and Fishing Update

Summer outdoor adventure is made to order in Michigan! With shoreline on four of the five Great Lakes, 11,000 inland lakes and 36,000 miles of rivers and streams, there are endless opportunities for boating and fishing fun.
Posted May 19th 2019

Michigan in the Civil War

An overview of Michigan’s involvement in the Civil War.
Posted October 10th 2015

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