McBroom, Cambensy visit Marquette students for March is Reading Month

McBroom, Cambensy visit Marquette students for March is Reading Month

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Ed McBroom and Rep. Sara Cambensy joined the March is Reading Month activities this month by visiting a Marquette school on Monday.

“As a legislator and as a parent, it is important that we foster a love of reading with our children,” said McBroom, R-Vulcan. “Establishing that solid foundation is vital to a child’s future success as reading is used in all careers and our everyday lives. March is Reading Month is a great way to promote the importance of reading and demonstrate how it is used in my work as a lawmaker every day.”

McBroom and Cambensy visited Graveraet Elementary and spoke with fourth- and fifth-grade students about reading and how important it is to their legislative roles as they review and draft legislation each week.

“To celebrate the importance of reading this month, I wanted to make sure we show kids an example of how we apply reading every day in our professional lives,” said Cambensy, D-Marquette. “This is also a great opportunity to engage young minds in thinking about how state government works. By using real legislation that Senator McBroom and I have introduced, students were able to see first-hand how technical writing and reading comprehension are important skills to have — not just tasks they have to do on their standardized tests.”

 McBroom also released a series of videos for schools to use in the district as part of March is Reading Month.

The videos feature McBroom reading Johnny Tractor and His Pals and Little Michigan.

The videos may be accessed by clicking the titles above, or by visiting



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