McBroom: Oversight Committee to meet Saturday

McBroom: Oversight Committee to meet Saturday

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Ed McBroom announced Friday that a joint hearing of the Senate and House of Representatives Oversight committees will meet Saturday as part of a legislative effort to ensure the integrity of our state elections.

“The ongoing turmoil surrounding the recent general election underscores my fervent desire, and our state’s need, for a fair and honest result.

“I believe everyone should strive for patience and work to see that the truth is revealed, and that is exactly what I intend to do as chair of the Senate Oversight Committee. We will investigate the elections process and seek to determine whether improprieties exist. We must avoid spreading rumors or making pronouncements without having all the facts.

“Pouring gas on every potential fear and spreading doubt about the integrity of the system is not the answer, nor is ignoring troubling reports and dismissing out of hand anecdotal evidence that problems may exist.

“We all can point fingers, but simply tearing down our foundations and eroding public trust is exceptionally dangerous. We can, at the same time, seek reforms while working the system we have to resolve any potential issues. That means remaining calm, fair and open so we can help ensure a secure and transparent elections process, and that is what the committees intend to do.”


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