U.P. lawmakers react to state’s latest attack on Line 5

U.P. lawmakers react to state’s latest attack on Line 5

LANSING, Mich. — Upper Peninsula lawmakers on Friday issued the following statement after state officials announced their latest attack on Line 5 with the so-called MI Propane Security Plan:

“Environmentalists within state bureaucracy today continued the campaign of misinformation against Line 5 — a vital source of energy and jobs to the U.P. and the state of Michigan,” said Sens. Ed McBroom and Wayne Schmidt and Reps. Beau LaFave, Greg Markkanen, and John Damoose. “More astounding than the misrepresentation that is this so-called security plan, is the state’s demonstrable ignorance about Line 5 and all that it supports.

“Of particular importance to the U.P., this plan will cost taxpayers significantly, while limiting the free market and competition and, at the same time, ignoring a $500 million viable solution currently on the table that would address problems and be completely paid for by the pipeline operator. The rehashed plan seems to contain all previously discussed ideas that have been shown not to work besides the call for price gouging checks. Further, nothing in this plan truly assures our small, family-owned propane businesses that they will be able to continue to operate and won’t be usurped through state control.

“Lastly, the plan announced today also leaves completely unclear whether Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is going to accept the popular Line 5 tunnel. At a time when truth and honesty are in short supply, she continues to play coy with the people of Michigan. So in addition to strongly denouncing this MI Propane Security Plan, we also call on the governor to stake out her position on the Line 5 tunnel, because we can’t have it both ways.”







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