McBroom warns energy task force: Northern Michigan families vulnerable without reliable, affordable propane

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Ed McBroom cautioned members of the U.P. Energy Task Force on Tuesday that upending the system that provides U.P. families and businesses with a local source of propane could jeopardize the safety and security of the region’s residents.

“The unseasonable cold and snow that has buried the U.P. this week is a strong reminder that energy is critical — not just to our way of life — but to survival,” said McBroom, R-Vulcan. “Groups trying to shut down the Line 5 pipeline — and the very system it supports for ensuring our region’s propane supply — must recognize that winters in this part of the state can be deadly.  The Line 5 pipeline, Rapid River station and Rapid River refinery are a critical, local system that has a longstanding record of maintaining reliable and affordable propane for heating homes and businesses across the U.P.

“It is unconscionable that anyone would suggest this system should be scrapped for political gain or a less safe, reliable, efficient or affordable energy transportation system. Groups and officials that use this issue as a political football should understand they are talking about the livelihoods and safety of thousands of U.P. and Michigan residents.

“The U.P.’s energy infrastructure is complex and needs to be well understood before any changes are proposed. Those who lived through the winter of 2014 with the propane shortage know the real devastation that can occur. Our situation cannot be dismissed as only being worth the cost of two pasties.”

McBroom encouraged U.P. residents to attend the U.P. Energy Task Force meeting tomorrow to share concerns:

Wednesday, Nov. 13
10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Bay de Noc Community College

Joseph Heirman University Center
952 Conference Room
2001 N. Lincoln Road